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“Teachers open the door, but you must enter by yourself”                           

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Prof. Majeed Bashir

A physicist and educationist by profession, with an experience of over 40 years in educational institutes worldwide, Striving to promote quality education to the under privileged community of Pakistan.


Welcome to EDULATORS. I would love to sit down and chat to you about how it is possible to change a mindset to being excited about learning. I love challenging young minds on a daily basis to think outside the box and become someone extraordinary.

EDULATORS operates in a modern facility, providing quality education to teenage students who do not want to be just another “brick in the wall!”

We strive to create an environment where they feel comfortable (safe), where they feel like they belong and where they are encouraged to grow and reach their unique potential.

Pioneering a new approach to educating & inspiring our young generation as they navigate their way in a brand new world. EDULATORS has an out of the box schooling, the schedules, the teachers, the students, and the atmosphere.

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Our Mission

is to provide a challenging, quality educational experience that prepares students for personal and professional success in an increasingly complex and rapidly changing world. We educate future professional and social leaders, expand knowledge and create solutions to environmental and social problems, stimulate creativity, and prepare literate and responsible citizens.

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Our Vision

is to see a generation of young people grow in their individual uniqueness and strength. To see them find their place in this world and thrive at life while they inspire and lead those around them.

We promote; the development of good physical and mental well-being and the development of positive, life-long relationships as part of OUR MISSION to train, grow and mentor each student on their journey. We are sold on investing in our youth to help them reach their personal ‘EDULATORS’ potential.

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Our Approach

is simple. We are seeing that the landscape of the working world is changing at an alarming rate. New careers and jobs are being created and entirely new sectors of business are being instituted. The question is How do we get our school going children ready for the opportunities of the future? At EDULATORS we believe that to do that we need to allow students the freedom to think. Teaching them to use the tools of critical thinking, problem solving, metacognition, time management and taking the initiative. In addition to allowing Students to think we give our virtual students a sense of ownership around the work that needs to be completed. Offering a full picture at the onset. It is amazing to see how a student can change a mindset and attitude around work ethic when they know exactly what is expected of them. An EDULATORS student will finish their studies and will know that they have been equipped not necessarily for a job in the big wide world but will know how to navigate their way to the top.

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